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Saturday, September 08, 2018
By samantha valencia photography
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This year one of my very successful friends @becky_overbeck_fitness_ told me that I should start writing my goals down in a goal book ! I thought what the heck , I’ll give it a try ! I went home that day and wrote down a couple goals for myself and my business. Today another goal was met !!! #2 on my list , get your copies of @hitchedweddingmag I have two separate pages featuring my work ! I’m so proud to have expanded into weddings this year and I’m truly grateful for my first publication ! Being pretty new to the wedding photography game , this makes me so excited, and even more driven for this coming year ! ** Stay tuned for the winter issue of @hitchedweddingmag just found out one of my recent weddings will be in the winter issue as well 

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