Hi, Im Samantha

Hello , thank you so much for visiting my site. My name is Samantha. I am a mother of two precious little girls. A wife to the best husband ever!

In honesty my career path was not always geared towards photography. I was actually a trainer first, I had two successful fitness studios before I was 22 years old. The stress of running gyms, dealing with the very “CRAZY and STRESSFUL” non stop gym lifestyle! I fell into anxiety and depression.
The biggest obstacle my husband and I were facing was killing me! I couldn’t get pregnant, we tried & tried , but nothing. Fast forward a year and half, I sought out fertility treatments. The Doctors plain out told me, my lifestyle with the stress I was under, It was playing a big role in my fertility problems.

I remember all I really wanted in my life at that point, was a baby. Felt like, that was what my life was missing. So with the support of my amazing husband we closed the gyms.
I had a few rounds of fertility treatments and I got my 1st Angel Mila Grace!
When my daughter Mila was born, I saw life in a completely different way!
I all of a sudden had this fascination with freezing time, and found another obsession with natural light!
As a present my husband brought home my, first DSLR Camera so I didn’t miss a beat with our new baby.

The first minute I picked that camera and captured Mila. I knew that I found everything I was looking for!  I knew exactly then, that I was gonna make it my mission, to learn every single thing I could about my camera. The Art and the different styles of photography. The rest was history.
I absolutely love that I am blessed that people trust me to capture there precious moments. Freezing that bit of time, in a photographic journal!
I literally could cry , I have found my passion. I get up everyday and say I love my job!