My Sessions take place in clients home. The sessions are photographed in all natural light only. I do not bring lights, so if you wish to have the session. Please make sure your home has adequate natural lighting. If you are unsure please send me a message to discuss.

Heres a little more information about each of the sessions & what you can expect:

The Fresh 48 Session: This is one of my favorite sessions to photograph, within the first 24-48 hours at the hospital. The day you had been waiting for , you finally meet your child , it is the most magical day of your life, and Capturing the raw emotion and love in that hospital room is something you simply cant re create. It's truly natural , raw and just beautiful. This session takes approx 1 hour to photograph using the hospital room for the session. We ask parents bring a comfortable change of clothing , like black pj pants and a tank top for mom. Prices include local Alliston Hospital , Additional fee's apply for travelling to non local Hospitals.

Lifestyle Home session: This session is done within the first 7-30 days of babies birth! There is no posing done in this session using props! This is a more natural session, capturing your new addition and your family in your natural setting usually , using your master bedroom , living room and the nursery and even kitchen.

Fine Art Newborn sessions: This session is a mobile studio session, meaning I can come to your home, bringing my posing bag and other props to do the session, I will usually set up in front of a large window. This session is booked at 3 hours in length but depending on baby can be done within 1.5-2 hours. (*Babies must be 14 days or younger! best done around 10 days old)

Please go check out my blog and website and social media's to get a feel for different sessions

How bookings work: I only take 4 fine art newborns per month.

So pre booking your due date, is essential to guarantee availability.

Once your in active labour, I ask that you contact me right away, so I can move other sessions around if necessary to fit your newborn in within the 7-14 days new(fine art babies only)

At no time are RAW images included in any package. Images are hi resolution and will print just fine. For large wall prints, we do suggest ordering from our studio to guarantee quality. I do offer print packages to all of my clients , as local printers have been less than satisfactory.

Watch my in home set up in this behind the scenes video : WATCH NOW