Newborn Prep Guide & Frequently asked questions.



I have photographed hundreds of newborns in my career and in that time I have developed a crucial prep guide , that helps prepare your newborn for the best possible photoshoot! 

Prep starts first thing!

STEP ONE : Keep the baby AWAKE!!! 

Yes , I understand that your newborn is super sleepy! So this is a daunting task , but don't let them sleep ! Try and keep your child awake for Approx 1-2 hours prior to shoot start time. 


1 HOUR- 45 MIN prior to your scheduled start time, Its bath time. Let your little one soak in a warm bath. The Bath helps with calming and relaxing your sweet baby, to hopefully help get them into a deeper sleep. It's also great, because it usually keeps them wide awake. 


After the bath, please do not dress your little one. I ask that babies are in there diaper only and just in a swaddle blanket. That way I can set up and start right away, without waking them to undress. 


Now that your little one, has been awake for a while, baby is all relaxed and swaddled up tight. Its time for a good feed! 20 min prior to our scheduled start time, start to feed your baby a full feel. Take your time, If I arrive and you are still feeding, I will set up and by the time you are finished, your sweet baby will be sound asleep. 


I cant stress how important and crucial this prep guide is, I can tell immediately when parent's haven't followed the steps. So please to ensure your best possible posing results , follow the guide! 



Frequently Asked questions? 

Where in my house will you use? 

Really depends each house is different, so I always search for the natural light source.(WINDOWS WINDOWS)

I typically like to shoot my fine art sessions ( the baby set ups) on the main floor because the props are heavy and I have a lot to carry. So first floor is usually Ideal for me!  I also like to use the hardwood areas of the home.

That being said , I usually shoot all family portraits in the master bedroom, and nursery areas. 

How can I Prepare?

If you have dark curtains on the window, If you could open them all the way, or temporarily remove. If you have sheer white curtains kicking around those are great to pop up alternatively. There isn't much required of you, I make it all work when I get there, and can evaluate the best shooting spots. Clear your night stands of clutter in the Master bedroom, make your bed pretty that day. Aside from that just follow the prep guide. 

Do you bring props?

Of course for my FINE ART NEWBORN sessions only ! I have many local vendors who make me custom props that fit newborns perfectly snug. I have gender neutral set ups with tie backs and bow and hats for boys! I let my parents choose from my selection of outfits , hats and wraps when I get there. I prefer not to use props that are not specifically used for newborn photography. Usually those store bought crochet outfits, don't fit snug enough to photograph the greatest. If you have something you wanted to use. Please show it to me, and I will let you know if it will work good or not. 

How many set ups do you do?

Each baby and package is different, so depending on the baby I try and do 3-4 set ups per session. 

I bring my wood backdrops , buckets and beds. So if you do not have hardwood , not to worry I come prepared. 

Special Requests 

I do accept special requests, but I normally let my creative soul take over the morning of the session. Choosing my props individually for each session. So I don't do the exact same set for every single baby. If you saw a set that you really would like. Please make me aware of it ahead of time, otherwise I will choose. 

Sibling and family 

I love for the family to colour coordinate , so matching colours. Try and look relaxed.

If you have toddlers , you can dress them later as I know its hard to keep them clean for more like 5 minutes. We do all the parent and sibling shots last, after all my posing is done (apply to fine art session) 

How long does the editing take

Newborn sessions typically take 10-14 days to edit and get back to clients.


Please have your remaining balance in cash.